Zeem Solutions Seeks Power Plants To Charge Electric Trucks

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Zeem Solutions, the electric vehicle infrastructure company, is dedicated to seeing decommissioned power plants to be an avenue that can distribute plenty of megawatts to electric trucks as a rich environment.

The company is known to be an early purveyor of electric trucks, is totally dedicated to dominate the market. Given that they are a leader of infrastructure development, this move to repurpose dead zones is quite intriguing. Even the CEO is excited about Zeem—zero and emissions fused together—as Mr. Paul Gioupis is excited to educate everyone, trucker or otherwise, on the strength that can be had in the electric truck industry. Given that there’s so much to be done with batteries, charging and utility interaction, Gioupis is one of the strongest power players in electric commercial vehicles.

Zeem depots are absolutely capable enough to handle it all, from light-duty, to heavy-duty, and all in between. Los Angeles International Airport, being the clear choice for Gioupis, had particularly faced a super heavy lift to make transportation decarbonized by the year 2027.

As of now, there are dozens of electric shuttle vans that Zeem operates to service the large airport terminals. As a result, 40% of commercial commuter vehicles at LAX are accounted to be Zeem Commercial EVs.

The Battery Electric Passenger Rental Cars from Hertz even use Zeem facilities, over a space of 3.1 acres, while fulfilling a capacity of 10 megawatts. At some point, Zeem will be storing energy on-site to show as an alternative to charging customers for what may be extra during times of peak charging.

Zeem has been totally capable to credit the Southern California Edison, being the “most forward-leaning” utility can see the difference between a construction company that shows site plans for a warehouse or a gas station from infrastructure developers as they would show how much power they need.

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