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Truck drivers based in West Virginia have a buddy in the biz! We’re here to help you enroll in the International Registration Plan. Call us at (888) 202-4927 and we’ll get you set up for IRP West Virginia and rolling through the Appalachian Mountains and beyond!

Not familiar with the IRP? Well, when driving a commercial vehicle across North America, you’re actually seeing the International Registration Plan in action. The International Registration Plan (or IRP for short) is an agreement made between the 48 contiguous states of the US, Washington DC, and the ten provinces of Canada. The Plan simplifies the collection of fees and their distribution to the member jurisdictions. By using the IRP drivers have no problem doing business in other jurisdictions beyond their home base.

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Is it a given that all trucks must enroll in the International Registration Plan?

No. Commercial vehicles that solely operate on “intrastate” terms—when a motor carrier ONLY trades or transports in their home state—don’t qualify and need not apply for apportioned registration under the IRP. But if your hauling business takes you beyond The Mountain State and your truck meets any of the following criteria, you’ll be required to enroll:

  • Your truck has 3 axles or more
  • It has only 2 axles but weighs in excess of 26,000 lbs.
  • The combined weight of power rig, trailer and load exceeds 26,000 lbs.

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above, call us for assistance with your IRP registration at (888) 202-4927.

How much time will this take me?

Not much at all! We’ll just get a bit of information from you over the phone, then we’ll need a few hours to fill out the paperwork. Then it’ll be rushed over to the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles where they’ll need 5 days to process the documents. Shortly thereafter you’ll receive your apportioned tags, license plate, weight decal and cab card.

A cab card? What the heck is that?

Your West Virginia cab card is a piece of paper that serves as proof of your enrollment in the International Registration Plan. It lists your address and your vehicle info, such as VIN number, gross and unladen weight, etc. The cab card also shows all the jurisdictions you’re registered in and the weight limit in each. It includes a bar code for scanning by law enforcement, so make sure you keep it with you in the cab.

Is that all I need to be legal on the interstate?

Unfortunately, no. There are several requirements that truck drivers must comply with on the state and federal level. For instance, IRP Registration will not exempt a carrier from payment of Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). HVUT is an annual fee from the Federal Highway Administration, which is levied by the Internal Revenue Service as IRS Form 2290. Any power unit registered with a combined gross weight of 55,000 pounds or must pay this tax.

The Heavy Vehicle Use Tax an important one to stay on top off, as fines and penalties can be severe. Truckers can be forced to stay at a weigh station until the tax is filed, so the best time to handle it is before you hit the highway! But don’t worry, we can help you with all your legal necessities. Just give us a call at (888) 202-4927. Our friendly and experienced agents will get your requirements all squared away so you can keep your mind on the road, where it belongs!

We’re your friends in the trucking industry and we’re with you for the whole ride! Give us a ring at (888) 202-4927 today!

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