Unified Carrier Registration Explained: The Ultimate Guide

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Get the UCR to ensure your fleet is compliant!
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One of the many trucking filings that every trucker needs is the Unified Carrier Registration, or UCR. This filing is one that a lot of new truckers forget about, leading to major problems down the line. Let’s take a look at the UCR so you can know if you need it or not.

Codifying the Unified Carrier Registration

The federal government established this program in 2005. The act established a law that said the federal government could charge fleets based on the number of vehicles that they use. This charge helps pay for the federal and state governments to maintain American roads so interstate commerce can keep flowing properly. Critically, the charge applies only to interstate fleets. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is that if you need an MC number, you probably need the UCR too.

UCR States

Not every state participates in the UCR, which can create some confusing circumstances. The following states don’t participate in the UCR:

The District of Columbia also doesn’t participate in the UCR program. However, if you live in one of these states, you may still need to register with the UCR. Let’s dig into why that might be the case.

Do You Need UCR?

The UCR is primarily concerned with interstate trucking operations. Therefore, if you operate across state lines, you need to get the UCR. This means that companies based in any of the above states need it if they ever leave their base state. It even applies to businesses that are based in Canada but operate in the U.S.! If you are a freight forwarder, broker, or motor carrier who operates across state lines, you need to get your Unified Carrier Registration.

How Do You Register for the Unified Carrier Registration?

The easiest way to get your UCR is with our affiliate, UCR.Online. They can help you get your UCR paperwork in order on their website, so your fleet will be compliant in no time. There are penalties associated with failing to register for the UCR, so make sure you do so before the beginning of the next year that you intend to haul goods interstate.

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