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Tennessee truckers are blessed with well-kept roads, scenic rolling hills and excellent music on the radio. Your hauling business may take you outside the Volunteer State though, and if so, it’s likely you may need to enroll in the International Registration Plan. We can fill you in on the details of IRP Tennessee registration if you give us a ring at (888) 202-4927. Or if you’d rather, snag yourself a hot chicken sandwich and read on for more info!

What’s the International Registration Plan?

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a mutual arrangement between 59 jurisdictions that makes the process of gathering and apportioning fees much less complicated. Prior to the IRP, drivers needed permits for each state or province in Canada that they hauled in. But the International Registration Plan lets you do business between any states in the continental US (including Washington DC) or Canada that you choose with one license plate and cab card.

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Sounds good, but what’s a cab card?

Your Tennessee cab card, along with your license plate and apportioned tags, serves as proof of your registration. It will specify your address and basic vehicle information such as it’s unladen and gross weight, number of axles, VIN number, etc. The cab card will also list all the jurisdictions you’re registered in and the maximum weight allowed in each. It comes with a bar code and a watermark of the Tennessee state seal. You should keep it in the truck at all times to present to officials when necessary.

Does every truck need to register with the IRP?

No. If you only operate within the boundaries of Tennessee, you won’t need to register. But if you travel outside the state and your vehicle meets the following criteria, it’s required:

  • Your power rig has three axles or more,
  • or it has two axles but weighs in excess of 26,000 pounds,
  • or the combined weight of the power rig, trailer and load is in excess of 26,000 pounds.

If that sounds like your truck, and you’ve got a mind to travel over yonder to vistas far afield, call us at (888) 202-4927 and we’ll get you enrolled. It only takes a phone call with us to gather your information. Then we’ll devote a few hours to filling out all the documents, and speed them over to the Tennessee Department of Revenue. After their two day processing time, you’ll receive your cab card, license and sticker.

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What about the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax?

Glad you brought that up! The Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) is also known as IRS Form 2290. This is an annual fee imposed on trucks weighing more than 55,000 pounds. It would truly be barking up the wrong tree to let your Form 2290 fall in behind in filing. Penalties can be stiff. The time to handle it is before you go to a weigh station, because otherwise you may not be allowed to leave until it’s filed. We’ve gotten plenty of calls from drivers in this predicament. But we’ll handle this for you, as well as all your other legal requirements so you can travel without worry. Call us today at (888) 202-4927. Our expert and amicable agents will answer all your questions and get your affairs in order.

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