Should I Get IRP or Trip Permits?

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Truckers may struggle to decide whether they should get full IRP apportionment or temporary trip permits. Depending on what kind of trucking you do and how often you cross state lines, it may be a very difficult decision. No matter what you decide, it will have ramifications for your business’s financial situation. So, before you jump into a decision, learn about the pros and cons of each from us!

IRP: for long-term flexibility

IRP apportionment allows you to conduct your business in any state, at any time. Every truck has a home state where its registration is active, but these registrations are not recognized by other states. IRP fixes this problem, allowing your single registration to function in all of the contiguous US states. This makes IRP incredibly efficient and convenient for interstate truckers. If you leave your home state regularly, then you will likely want to get IRP apportionment. It’s simply more convenient and cost-effective than buying trip permits every time you need to go elsewhere. It’s even more worth it if you plan to cross multiple state lines, as you’d need permits for every state you cross through. Once you make the call to get IRP, get in touch with our excellent team!

Trip Permits: for when IRP is overkill

Trip permits are best for truckers who usually stay in their home state. If you do most of your trucking in your home state, then you won’t need apportionment for something that is optimized for interstate carriers. Sure, you may need to cross state lines at some point, but if you only cross a few times per year, it’s actually more cost-effective to buy trip permits once or twice per year. IRP apportionment only makes sense if you regularly leave your home state. If that’s not how you conduct your business, then stick with trip permits!

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