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New Hampshire is an amazing place to be an owner/operator in the trucking industry. With so many industries that range from aerospace, electronics, and machinery, you could find hundreds of opportunities that could keep you within the state and home by dinner. However, with its close proximity to Canada, international shipments are a big money maker for truckers in New Hampshire. If your business plans to expand to cross state or even federal lines, you’re going to need to know about the IRP New Hampshire registration and how it affects your business.

What is the IRP?

The International Registration Plan is an agreement between the 48 states of the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and the 10 provinces of Canada. The agreement helps promote interstate commerce while maintaining roads and safety measures. The agreement works as a tax permit, which accounts for the jurisdictions that your truck will travel through. Your taxes are then divvied up between the jurisdictions. Before the IRP, drivers would have to stop at each border crossing and pay an individual fee. These fees would add up and slow drivers down. Now, with the IRP, drivers can spend more time on the road and still promote safety and driving conditions for the states they drive through.

Who Needs to Join the IRP?

Not all drivers are required to join the IRP. However, if your truck falls into at least one of the following definitions, then you are required to apply for a tax permit with the IRP.

  • Your vehicle has 3 or more axels.
  • Your vehicle’s gross weight exceeds 26,000 pounds.
  • Your vehicle’s combined weight of the truck, trailer, and loaded cargo exceeds 26,000 pounds.

What happens if I don’t apply to the IRP?

If you don’t have proof that you’re in compliance with the IRP, you could be subject to fines and fees. Regulators at the border crossing will check for proof that you are IRP compliant. If they find you are out of compliance, they will force you to pay for an Emergency Fuel Tax Permit right there at the crossing. Otherwise, you may not drive through the state and your truck may be impounded if you try. The Emergency Fuel Tax Permit comes with a fee and a hefty fine attached. To save yourself time and money, it’s best to apply to the IRP before you take off across any state or federal border.

What is the proof of compliance with the IRP?

When you submit to the IRP, you will receive apportioned tags, license plate, decals, and a Cab Card. The plate and decals must be fixed to your truck so regulators can easily see that you are in compliance. This will help you avoid being stopped at the border crossing. If, however, you need to make a trip before your plates come in, you can still use your cab card. This has all of your information as well as your trucks with the weight and jurisdiction limitations. It’s best to keep this in your cab at all times, just in case.

Once I get the IRP, can I cross state lines?

The simple answer is, as long as you don’t have to apply for other tax permits. More than likely, if you need to submit to the IRP, you’ll need to apply for several other tax permits as well. The IFTA is another popular tax permit very similar to the IRP. The International Fuel Tax Agreement is another agreement between the states of America and Canadian provinces. Unlike the IRP, which only deals with specific jurisdictions that one may travel through, the IFTA deals with all of the jurisdictions equally. They are separate agreements with separate filings and fees.

The Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is another tax permit your vehicle may need. This is also called the HVUT or more commonly known as the Form 2290. The HVUT is for any commercial vehicle with a gross weight that exceeds 55,000 pounds. It helps maintain the roads from the wear and tear of these kinds of vehicles.

If you need one or all of these permits, IRP Registration Services can help. We can help you understand the tax permit laws, direct you to officials to get the right permits, and get you back on the road fast and easily. Don’t let complicated government documents slow down your business.

How do I register with the IRP?

Registration is easy with IRP registration Services. All you have to do is fill in your vehicle and company information and we’ll take care of the rest. No more calculating costs or rifling through tax codes. We have everything you need with live agents to support you through every step of the process. They can easily get you registered and let you know what other permits your truck may need. Just submit your company information on our HOME PAGE and information about your vehicle, and we’ll handle all of the legwork. To apply to any of these tax permits you’ll need a valid DOT Number. Or you can call today at (888) 202-4927 and one of our tax permit experts can help you today.