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78% of all goods manufactured in Illinois are sent to other states or even other countries. This makes trucking in the Prairie State a prime contributor to the trucking industry. With its straight and flat roads, it is almost a truck driver’s paradise. It is also home to the Port of Chicago, which offers even more goods and supplies that are always coming and going. With all this movement, it isn’t easy for a trucker to stay in one place for a long time. Most truckers in Illinois are either coming or going across state lines. If your trucking business plans to go across state lines, it is very important to know what the IRP is and how it affects your business.

What is the IRP?

The International Registration Plan is an agreement between the 48 continental states and 11 Canadian provinces. Together, they form the IRP to help encourage interstate commerce. Drivers who qualify must pay a registration fee for every jurisdiction they plan to travel through. These fees are divided between the jurisdictions to help maintain roads and promote safe travel through their jurisdictions. Before the IRP, drivers had to register for each state or province separately. This caused higher fees and a longer registration process. Now drivers just have to register once and show proof of registration when they cross a state or province’s border.

What is proof of registration?

When you submit to the IRP, you will be given an apportioned license plate, decals, and a cab card. The license plate and decals are ways for officials and regulators to easily see if you’re in good standing with the IRP. If you are still waiting for your plates to arrive, or if something happens to them, you may be stopped and asked to show your cab card. This card has all of your registration information about you, your vehicle, and the jurisdictions you are allowed to travel through.

How do I register for the IRP?

Registration is easy with IRP registration services. We handle all of the tax codes and paperwork so you can get back on the road. Just submit your business and vehicle information and we’ll handle the rest. No more calculating costs and looking for tax forms.