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IRP Registration Services!

You’ve got a big rig and are ready to put the hammer down but hang on a second… there’s a slew of paperwork that needs to be dealt with first! Idaho-based drivers that travel outside the state need to enroll in the International Registration Plan. We can help you with all the details of filing for IRP Idaho right now by calling (888) 202-4927 or grab yourself a baked potato and read on for more info!

What is the International Registration Plan?

The International Registration Plan, or IRP, is an agreement between 59 jurisdictions which allow truckers to accrue mileage in all the member areas without the necessity of getting separate permits in each jurisdiction. The areas covered are all 48 continental states of the US, Washington DC, and the 10 Canadian provinces.

Does my truck qualify for the IRP?

Trucks are required to register if the power rig has 2 axles and is over 26,000 lbs.; if the rig has 3 axles or more regardless of weight; or if the rig plus trailer and load exceeds 26,000 lbs. However, if your pick ups and deliveries take place solely within the beautiful State of Idaho, you don’t need to register.

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How long does it take?

We do the work for you so it won’t take much of your time at all! We’ll just get some information from you, then our IRP professionals will spend a few hours filling out the paperwork. Once finished, we’ll hightail it over to the Idaho government, where they’ll get it processed within 5 business days. Then you’ll receive your apportioned tags, license plate, cab card and sticker.

The cab card is proof of your registration and needs to remain in the rig as evidence. It will list the maximum weights allowed in each jurisdiction.

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And don’t forget IRS Form 2290!

Another important requirement is the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT), also known as IRS Form 2290. This needs to be kept current and you’ll be asked for evidence of compliance at weigh stations. No worries, we can help you that, too!

Whether you’re traveling on the big road or through the woods, we’ve got you covered. We know the ins and outs of trucker licensing legalities like you know your favorite routes. Let our friendly and knowledgeable agents help you get rolling quickly by calling us at (888) 202-4927 today!

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