Do I Need the IRP and the IFTA?

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Find out if you need the IRP, the IFTA, or both.

Simply put, if you need one, you more than likely need the other. However, that’s not true for everyone, and not everyone needs to get one or both. It varies depending on the truck you drive and the route you take. The IRP and the IFTA are very similar in the sense that they are both tax permits, but what they do is very different. The IRP allows commercial vehicles to operate in an interstate capacity, while IFTA helps simplify the collection of motor fuel taxes.

You pay the taxes very similarly to the International Fuel Tax Agreement and the International Registration Plan. They also both have similar requirements for who has to pay them. They both benefit carriers by consolidating licensing and reporting requirements through the carrier’s base state. More importantly, they both divide these taxes and fees amongst participating states so that every jurisdiction can benefit.

Requirements For the IRP and IFTA

Additionally, the requirements for both the IRP and the IFTA are very similar. For both permits, the requirements state that you must register if your vehicle crosses state lines and has a gross vehicle weight of over 26,000 pounds or if your vehicle has more than 3 axles. Since the requirements to join are very similar, people confuse the two permits. Some even think that if you get one, you’re good for both.

However, they are two separate tax permits that require you to register separately. They both have different means of confirming registration. The IRP issues decals, apportioned license plates, and car cards. These are all used to confirm to officials that you are properly registered with the IRP. With the IFTA, you will get an electronic license and decal stickers.

If you have any questions about the IRP and the IFTA, or you want to register, give IRP Registration Services a call today. They can verify if your vehicle is required to be registered and make sure that you’re properly registered. Don’t fear late fees and fines. Give them a call today!

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