Diesel Prices Keep Dipping While Spot Rates Fluctuate

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Diesel Prices continue to be controversial!

In the past week, there’s been a heightening of fuel prices occurring as the dip in rates have been occurred through the week ending in April 24th, all in accordance to the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration. In the history of the EIA, the national average for diesel dropped about 3.9 cents within the past week. At a national average of $4.08, this has been the lowest result since February of 2022. At this point, Diesel’s more than a dollar lower from a year ago.

In recent times, prices have been dropping in all areas save for the Rocky Mountain and West Coast area. This of course, excuses California where prices rose a fraction of a cent.

There’s a lot that can occur through the rate of diesel prices in the span of 10-weeks.

The most-expensive diesel stays in California at $4.96 per gallon with New England trailing behind at $4.52.

Certainly the most inexpensive diesel is easily found in Gulf Coast region at $3.82 per gallon, quickly followed by the pricing in the Midwest, rated at $3.98. Prices in additional regions, according to the EIA include the Central Atlantic at $4.45, the Lower Atlantic at $4.00, the Rocky Mountain at $4.12, and the West Coast less California area at about $4.46.

In accordance to ProMiles Fuel Surcharge Index, the more expensive diesel is ranged at about $5.31 per gallon, while the cheapest is usually rated in the Gulf Coast region at $3.80

Spot rates keep getting stronger for the exact same week as flatbeds, while vans and reefers keep getting a little less intense.

Gas as a whole is going through many a change. If it wasn’t because of the whole world was going through a global pandemic, certainly then because there has been the issue of gas being way too important for internal combustion engines.

Dry van trucks are constantly seeing what they call “spot rate softness” within the past weeks, all in accordance to the Truckstop local board. There have been upgraded rates throughout the week ending in April 21st. All while the strength of the flatbed segment would see rates rise beyond 3 cents per mile. Totaling in about $2.60. Volumes keep up at about 50% below the levels that had been the same in 2022, whereas load posts on the Truckstop board kept going up about 8% last week. Needless to say, it’s been the biggest gain seen in almost seven weeks. As evidenced by the progression in the Midwest, Southeast and South Central United States. It all looks pretty satisfactory from here.

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