Diesel Gas Prices Vary All Over The United States

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Diesel Gas Prices are fluctuating all over the U.S.A.
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Gas has long been a wild factor under the conditions of the United States of America. All across the U.S., a collective of mixed fuel-costs have been popping up, ever since October 2nd. Moving forward, there are various regions all over the U.S.A. that see major fluctuations of diesel gas prices. In accordance to the Energy Information Administration, varied regions althroughout have had mixed results.

The national average of a gallon of highway-diesel gasoline, has upped it’s rates by about 0.7 cents, all while remaining at about a rate of $4.59. Throughout the board, fuel prices had started off being flat on an overall basis.

What would happen next is how the truck owners in the state of California had gone through a 6.1-cent hike to average the $6.27 per gallon. Meanwhile, althroughout the West Coast, prices would go through the other direction as the diesel gasoline would drop by 3.9-cents. In total, that’s a decline to only $5.19 cents per gallon.

In many other regions, in accordance to the EIA, there had been more differentiations of prices.

For diesel gas, the range went down differently, depending on the region of the United States of America. In New England, the price was $4.61, among the Central Atlantic, the price hit at about $4.76. Within the Lower Atlantic, the price ranges at $4.46. At the Midwest, the price for diesel ranges at $4.45. At Gulf Coast stations, the range is $4.28. Finally in the Rocky Mountain region, the price hits right at about $4.78.

The Diesel Averages for the most recent week, will display a 2.7-cent decrease to $4.52 per gallon. At the time of writing, the most pricey diesel gas is easy to find in California at $6.32 per gallon, while the cheapest ise easy to see in the Gulf Coast region at $4.33 per gallon. 

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