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Connecticut truckers have the convenience of 15 operating ports within their state, including the famous Bridgeport and Ports of New Haven. Even the capitol of Hartford offers a port along the Connecticut River. This provides truck drivers with numerous options for hauling a variety of different items right within their own state. However, if your business is expanding past the state lines, you’re more than likely going to need to register for your IRP Connecticut license.

What is the IRP?

IRP stands for “International Registration Plan.” It is an agreement that all states except for Alaska and Hawaii, as well as certain Canadian provinces, formed to help commercial drivers across North America. As of September 30th, 1996, it is required for all drivers to become members of the IRP if they wish to drive across state lines in any of the states or provinces that participate in the IRP. Failure to register could leave you unable to register your vehicle in the future. The money that comes in helps maintain public highways to keep our roads safe for all.

Requirements to Join the IRP

It is clear that if your truck drives across state lines, you’re going to need to complete the IRP. However, not all drivers who cross state lines need to apply. Only drivers who cross state lines and meet one or more of the following requirements are eligible to apply.

Drivers are required to register if they either

  • Have 3 or more axles on their truck
  • Their truck exceeds 26,000 pounds
  • Their truck’s combined weight of their rig, their trailer, and their load exceeds 26,000 pounds

If your truck has one or all of these stipulations, then yes, you must complete the IRP.

What is the registration process?

When completing the IRP, you will receive a Cab Card, which serves as proof of your registration, as well as IRP Connecticut apportioned tags. This card lists your address and vehicle information. It includes the jurisdictions your vehicle is welcome to travel to as well as the weight limits within the jurisdiction. It’s a useful piece of information that you should have with your truck at all times.

What else you need

Once you successfully complete the IRP, you will surely need to complete some more documentation. The IRP is one of a few certificates required to cross state lines. The Federal Heavy Use Tax (HVUT) or commonly known as the Form 2290, is another form that is required for all vehicles that weigh 26,000 pounds or more. If you are registering your IRP because of your truck’s weight classification, you will surely need to file for a HVUT as well.

The last thing that may be required is your IFTA. This stands for International Fuel Tax Agreement. This is similar to the IRP but is calculated by exactly how many miles you drive in each state.

To apply to any of these tax permits you’ll need a valid DOT Number to apply. If you need these tax permits or any other permits give IRP Registration Services a call today at (888) 202-4927.