Cargo Theft Continues, No Thanks To Double Brokering

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In the realm of trucking, cargo theft is amping up as there’s all so many double-brokered loads coming in from international groups of organized criminals pushing things towards an all-time high. This is all according to the words of Scott Cornell, the Transportation Lead and Crime and Theft Specialist at Travelers Insurance. Of course many owner0operators state that the best practices to go against cargo theft is to stay away from hotspots, and maintain situational awareness at all times. Double brokering is residential to the “fraud epidemic.” stated clearly by the Transportation Intermediaries Association’s very own leader, Anne Reinke. All while the owner-operators have had to pull freight up off of load boards who in turn may have been properly shown the ways of the truck thievery.

As of these days, the best method that could be done to protect your trucks are still the usual means of prevention.

Lately, bigger increases in theft from the past have been in the past 18 months in the strategic theft category.

Specifically, if a broker tends to a fraud-like carrier, there could be various elements such as stolen identities. The carrier then gets to turn around and rebroken the load over to a secondary carrier after changing the load’s destination.

Such thefts happen during identity theft, while utilizing real MC numbers for fraud-activity and double brokering actually. What could be the huge turn, probably the very similar tech tools that usually are known to revolutionize the trucking protocol as it becomes as smooth as tapping a button on the smartphone.

Using the supply chain as is can only result in lackluster protection in operations.

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