Welcome to California IRP Registration Services!

Are you a California-based trucker who travels routes up and down the west coast or to the states to the east? Well, then you need to make sure you have your IRP ready when you cross the state border. Whether en route to Las Vegas or Portland, you need to make sure you are enrolled in the IRP to avoid any fines or penalties. Luckily you have come to the right place! We are an International Registration Plan certified third-party agent for the IRP California and are eager to help you sign up for the IRP. Our expert staff members are ready for you now! Just call us at (888) 202-4927.

But first, what is the International Registration Plan?

The International Registration Plan, or IRP, is an agreement between 48 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and all 10 Canadian Provinces. The agreement allows for licensing fees to be distributed among all states a trucker operates in, not just their base state.

Ever since the IRP was put into action, the process for truck drivers to operate interstate has been massively simplified. Gone are the days when truckers have to get individual permits for each state they do business in, now with just this one filing the work is practically done for you!

Does my truck qualify for the IRP?

If you operate only within the state of California, you don’t need to register with the IRP. But if you operate within any other state, AND:

  • Your vehicle has two axles and weighs more than 26,000 lbs., or
  • Your vehicle has three axles or more, no matter the weight., or
  • Your vehicle plus trailer and load combo weighs more than 26,000 lbs., you are required to register for the IRP.

Call us today and we will do the heavy lifting and hard work for you! Our friendly operators are standing by at (888) 202-4927.

How long does the registration process take?

After we get your information, we will spend a few hours filling out the legal documents, then send them digitally to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. After a 1-3-week processing time, you will receive your apportioned tags: license plate, cab card, and sticker. The cab card is evidence of your registration and should remain in the vehicle.

Is there anything else I might need?

Yes! You may also require several other additional filings and permits, such as the IFTA, the USDOT Number, MC Number, or the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax to name a few! We can help you with all of those! Give us a call and receive a free quote for our services, find out all of the filings your business requires, and get the process started today!

Let us do the hard work for you!