Autonomous Trucks Are Here… So What Now?

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Autonomous Trucks are upon us. The technology is here well-developed enough to promote the usage of artificial intelligence to replace human drivers for particularly grueling trips. It’s a rather important service to give people when they want to protect their energy and resources from being spent. It’s also helpful for personnel as they won’t have to sacrifice time with their families just to spend a trip on the road, driving their truck load between an origin and a destination.

Therefore, one could say that trucking operations are quickly adapting to introduce and normalize autonomous vehicles in general, as they will all come with new and emerging technology that can totally absolutely make their chances of survival on the road, that much greater.

Executives all over the industry have discussed the specifics of why autonomous trucks would be able to fit in freight transportation networks. And it’s simple to see why; it’s a tool for the industry. There isn’t a tool in the world that can totally do it all-in-one. What is being done is showing a specific application that can be done very well with autonomous means, and nothing more that would possibly prove deathly.

Varied proponents of autonomous driving tech shows how there is potential safety benefits, while unmanned trucks will also be able to help trucking companies to expand fleets by way of supplementing operations with autonomous capacity. Therefore, to let carriers embrace that technology, there’s a higher likelihood that it’ll grow much better. Kodiak happens to be a self-driving entity that works well with safety drivers behind the wheel. However, the overall goal is to let unmanned trucks operate autonomously via long haul hub-and-hub routes within future years.

From the POV of the fleet, sustainability and innovation can very well be paramount for the whole meaning of the autonomous trucks. There’s a lot of talk about whether or not it’ll replace entirely the modern-day trucker. And that may very well be not the case.

Again, this is still new and emerging technology, so as long as humans are around, they will likely be driven to monitor the autonomous trucks from afar.

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