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Some people put Kentucky at the top of the list for the best states to be a truck driver. With thousands of job opportunities and an average salary above the national average, Kentucky is a great place to run a trucking business. The central location in the middle of America gives your business tons of opportunities to ship all across the country. However, if your business takes you outside of the Bluegrass State, there are some things you are going to need to know. The IRP is something that every trucking business needs to know about if they plan on crossing state lines. Learn more about the IRP Kentucky and how it affects your business.

What is the IRP?

The International Registration Plan is an agreement between 48 of the 50 states and all 10 provinces of Canada. This agreement helps promote interstate commerce and helps the states and provinces that are part of the agreement maintain safe and regulated roads. Before the IRP, truckers would have to pay each state individually. This caused drivers to pay more and spend more time crossing state lines. With the IRP, that is now a thing of the past. The IRP makes the whole process a one-stop-shop and gives you proof of registration for all jurisdictions that you would need to travel through.

How do I Register?

To make sure that you’re properly registered with the IRP, you must submit a license fee for each jurisdiction in which your vehicle will travel. After the registration fees are collected, you will receive your apportioned tags, license plates, and a cab card. The license plate and decals must be affixed to your truck for regulators to easily confirm you’re in the clear.

If you are still waiting for your license plates, you can still show proof of registration through your cab card. The Cab Card will have all of yours and your truck’s information as well as the jurisdiction and weight limitations your vehicle qualifies for. It’s best to keep that with your vehicle at all times, even after you get your plates.

Who Needs to Register for the IRP?

Not all commercial vehicles need to be registered, but most do. If your vehicle falls into at least one of the following categories, then you must register.

  • Your vehicle has 3 or more axels
  • The gross weight of your vehicle exceeds 26,000 pounds
  • The combined weight of your vehicle unit, trailer, and cargo load exceeds 26,000 pounds

Is the IRP the only thing you need to cross state lines?

The IRP is not the only tax permit that is required to cross state lines. If your vehicle requires an IRP tax permit, you will likely have another tax permit that you need. The most common tax permit is the IFTA, or International Fuel Tax Agreement. The IFTA is another agreement that is very similar to the IRP. While the IRP only deals with specific jurisdictions that your vehicle may travel through, the IFTA works across all of the states. Even though they are similar, they are two separate entities and must be paid for separately. If you cross state lines, you will surely need to look into both of these tax permits.

How do I register with the IRP?

Registration is easy with IRP registration Services. All you have to do is fill in your vehicle and company information and we’ll take care of the rest. No more calculating costs or rifling through tax codes. We have everything you need with live agents to support you through every step of the process. They can easily get you registered and let you know what other permits your truck may need. Just submit your company information on our HOME PAGE and information about your vehicle, and we’ll handle all of the legwork. To apply to any of these tax permits you’ll need a valid DOT Number. Or you can call today at (888) 202-4927 and one of our tax permit experts can help you today.